Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow Coalition

The rainbow coalition by Jesse Jackson is a silly notion indeed. First off what is the only color not in the rainbow? Black right, so what is the deal? How can we take someone seriously who does not even know which colors are in a Rainbow in the first place? Is Jesse Jackson just trying to get the 2% Homosexual Vote, by borrowing their 8% synergy in their movement?

Indeed the whole idea of a rainbow collation choosing a symbol to represent their group, which leaves out Black Americans or African Americans is simply un-American? What does Jesse Jackson have against blacks? Why is he such a racist to leave out blacks, knowing full well they are the only color not represented in his rainbow?

Now then Marians use to be depicted as Green, which are represented in the his rainbow, but now a days are also often depicted as Blue. Apparently Jesse Jackson for equal rights under law for Aliens, but not Black People or Hispanic Americans. Well at least he is pro-Space and Mars Colony spending above social programs.

What really bothers me is that Jesse Jackson must also hate Hispanic Americans, which are often represented as Brown, which is also not in the Rainbow. This is simply frightful and tells us either Jesse Jackson flunked out of Kindergarten or he is pro-Gay and Lesbian as long as they are white and hates Blacks and Hispanics.

We should never consider anyone for public office who hates any race, especially minorities. The Rainbow Coalition and Jesse Jackson ought to be ashamed of themselves for trampling the under privileged who have every right to loot for free TV sets after any uprising, whether it be man-made, media driven or from Mother Nature. Why is Jesse Jackson