Medical Transcription School - How long will it take?

Facing the unknown can often be disconcerting, especially when you want very much to find a great home-based career, like medical transcription. "How long will it take to get through the school?" And, "How long until I get my first paycheck?" are common concerns asked by people considering a career in medical transcription. Here we'll address both these issues. First things first - How long will it take? On average you can expect to get through a good medical transcription school in about nine to twelve months. This assumes that you work on it consistently and part-time. All together, it will take about 600-700 hours. Say you work at it three hours a day, five days a week - that's 15 hours a week. Divide that into 600, and you get 40 weeks -- which is about nine and a half months. If you consistently work at it just a half hour longer each day, it'll shave more than a month off that. Obviously, that's a great deal of time away from home -- usually the very thing people searching for a new career often don't want to leave behind. Fortunately, the best medical transcription schools allow you to work at home at your own pace. So, when can I get my first check? The thing to remember is that the more time you are willing to dedicate to your studies, the sooner you will be able to start working from home and get that first check! After all, that is really what it is all about, isn't it? Regardless of your current situation, you should be able to get through a quality medical transcription school working a few hours a day, and as many days per week that you are able dedicate to the program. A good medical transcription school will guide you through the process systematically -- step by step. With a moderate amount of effort and dedication you will quickly gain the confidence you need to complete the program. So, find the best medical transcription school you can, and launch your future career today!