Noone can keep us from learning... is us who ignore the art of teaching. To some educators, there are basically three types of children: first, the ones who are not intelligent; second, the ones who learn on their own; last, the ones who are already intelligent. Therefore, from here on out, there appears the reasoning for what the great majority of such educators have been doing: purely accommodated and misinformed, many do not work; and no one seems to feel responsible for not changing the destiny of these children. They refuse to do so because they ignore the importance of the educator as the mediator between the child and the world to be observed and felt, a world to learn. The mediator is necessary. S/he is the one who will practice intervention and help the child to perceive, interpret, anticipate, and modify reality. This occurs inclusive and clearly as early as the intermediation occurs between the baby and the world in which she's immersed. The baby learns because it is no us who teach and/or "train". We intermediate and she constructs her knowledge. When a baby reads, she is showing us, in the simplicity of action and the complexity of fact, the proof that between her and the object there occurs the engendering of knowledge. Between her ability to search information with the body with help form the intermediator - there is the availability to be used in the "reading she does of the world", in the reading of systems of symbols and of what represents her thoughts. One asks: If the role of the intermediator in the baby's life is irrefutable proof of the intermediator