Ideal solution for busy business people who want to learn Mandarin Chinese

As China gets more and more important, so does Mandarin Chinese. Learning Mandarin can be challenging and rewarding at the same time. But for busy business people, the most challenging part is that they do not have lots of time in their hands to allow them to sit in a traditional classroom to learn. And the current situation is that being able to speak Mandarin can be a career accelerator. Now you can have the best teacher in your pocket and learn anywhere and at anytime! MSL Learning Center has created a full module of beginners' audio lessons in mp3 format. There are total 20 lessons which cover the entire Mandarin Express Intro Level. The topics include getting around the town, checking into a hotel, shopping, jobs, weather, and important events, etc. Each lesson is set at about 30 minutes long. Download the lessons and save it into your mps player, you can learn Mandarin in the airport, during workout, in a taxi, or simply 30 minutes before breakfast! Being busy is no longer an obstacle for business people trying to learn Mandarin Chinese any more. Find 30 minutes a day to listen and learn, you will find you can communicate with Chinese people in three month! Mandarin Express Intro level audio lessons now available online