Finding Your True Love

True love is the rarest of things in my experience, it's because few people can navigate the dating scene successfully enough to find it. The truth of the matter is that most people settle, it's that simple. It's a basic law of human nature for people to seek the path of least resistance, translated it means that most people will take the first person that basically meets their standards. That's the reason why the majority are with someone by default, "he" or "she" was better than a lot of the other people the person in question may have dated, so, they will settle on that person. Now what happens when the right person comes along? They will see that you are with someone and move along, it happens all the time. Let me ask you a question. How many times have you met someone outside of your relationship, say, a social gathering, through a friend, wherever, and were really attracted to them? They seemed so right, but you were in a relationship. Many people will know exactly what I am talking about. I've had it happen to me and talked to many other people that related to that question. God, nature, designs men and women to be together, we have a kind of beacon in our DNA that makes us want to be in a relationship, to procreate. There is a lot more to a relationship than procreating though so we need to put a lot more thought into finding that "Special Someone". Most people don't put a lot of thought into the process though, they simply react, that signal in their DNA is what is in control, not their intellect. A large majority of people are just plain needy too. They are the worst off in the long run. They spend a lot of their life in and out of relationships just because they are scared to be alone, and unless they deal with their core, self esteem issues they will always follow the same pattern. Then there are the people who are attracted to a certain "type", usually negative in nature, bad boys, or bad girls. These are the people that are always whining about their boyfriend being a jerk, or for guys, being totally obsessed with their girlfriend, her whereabouts, who she talks to, stalking her. Once again, if these people don't deal with their core self esteem issues they have little if any chance of finding true love. True love has a price, a price most people are not willing to pay, therefore, they will never have it. It does exist, there are numerous examples from history, true love stories, it's out there, it's real, but it costs. Each person sets their own standard, only those with the highest standards when it comes to finding the right partner will find them. I'm not talking about being picky or concieted, I'm talking about being honest with oneself. If the person you are currently with does not meet your needs today, they will never meet your needs. People don't change who and what they are to suit each other, so don't sell yourself short, find the right person. It will take some time and selection, some navigating. Be honest with yourself in regards to that person, are they really everything you always wanted? If not, they won't be later on either.