A New Way to Heal by Embracing What You Least Want!

In writings about emotional issues in people's lives, you have probably seen reference to the term polarity. One way to notice when we have a polarity within our life is when we have an unwanted situation that never seems to completely heal or resolve. This is often because we have a fixed, negatively charged, viewpoint about our situation (or about someone in our life). Another way of explaining this phenomenon is to say that, with every unwanted issue in our life (fear, trauma, limiting belief & stuck situation), we always have a strong aversion to that situation. In other words, we have a lot of negative energy and judgment around being in that situation, or in having that issue. If it is a big issue, we dislike it immensely, and we dislike the fact that we are in it. All of this is pretty obvious, isn't it? You may be wondering "so, what's the big deal". Here is my belief, and it may seem a somewhat unconventional idea. I believe that it is often our negative energy ABOUT being IN the unwanted situation that helps to keep us stuck in it. When we have a lot of judgment about our problem, we have created an energy dynamic that can, and usually does, keep it literally locked in place. Here is a short and simple exercise I created, that will help loosen the grip of any unwanted situation, or issue, in your life. It is simple, but it does take a degree of openness and courage. I encourage you to try it, but only if it feels right to do so. Incidentally, the more negative charge you have about the issue, the more profound and positive will be the result of this exercise. So pick a situation or issue you Really Don't Want! Here's the exercise: "Healing Polarities by Embracing What We Least Want." 1) Get into a comfortable position, sitting or lying down. Take a full breath in and out. 2) Spend a few moments thinking about the UNWANTED situation. Fully feel and experience the situation, and feel the negativity of the situation. Feel how you want it to be gone! Do this ONLY for a few moments. You may want to have your eyes closed when you are doing this part, and then closed again when you are doing steps 3 and 5 that follow. 3) After you have "felt" the issue, or unwanted situation, spend a minute imagining yourself EMBRACING the unwanted issue, or unwanted situation. Feel yourself APPRECIATING the problem, and ENJOYING the problem, LOVING the problem, just the way it is, totally free of all judgment about it. Make the feelings very real. Do this part for about a minute or two, or longer as it feels comfortable to do so. 4) Take a full breath in and out. 5) Now spend a few moments thinking about the DESIRED POSITIVE situation instead. In other words, what you IDEALLY WANT in your life (instead of the old issue). Imagine yourself EMBRACING the desired situation. Feel yourself APPRECIATING and ENJOYING the desired result. Now make it even BETTER. Make it even MORE JOYFUL! Do this part for about a minute or two, or longer as it feels comfortable to do so. 6) Take another full breath in and out. 7) Reflect on the original issue again and notice whether it has shifted, or if it has diminished. If there has not been a positive change, it probably means you need to make the step 3 feelings MORE real. Go through the process again with that in mind. If this brief exercise has had a positive effect, consider trying it on a different issue.