Opportunities in Plumbing

When choosing a business you want to start or pursue, the opportunities are huge and there are a wide variety of business models that you should consider before deciding on one. Discussed below you will find statistics and analysis of the plumbing training as a business opportunity for you. Government economists expect average job growth for plumbers, compared to growth in other careers, through 2014. You should find plenty of work if you choose plumbing, because there won't be enough job hunters to take all of the open positions. The average yearly salary for plumbers is about 27K GBP. Keep in mind that apprentices start work at half the salary earned by experienced workers. You can expect to receive raises throughout your training though, often every six months. Interestingly both men and women are suited for the plumbing profession and as the above shows it pays more than various other professions. The above makes it clear that the plumbing industry and the requirement for plumbers is growing and will grow in the near future. The plumber's need to be trained for the above and hence plumbing training opens a host of opportunities for you.