Communication In The Family

The earliest lock in existence is an Egyptian lock made of wood, found with its key in the ruins of Nineveh, in accent Assyria. In construction it is the prototype of the modern cylinder lock. There is mention of locks of simple design used by the Greeks and Romans. With the exception of the development of ward locks, however, little was done to improve the efficiency and convenience of locks until the late 18th century. In 1778, Robert Barron patented a double- acting, Lever-Tumbler Lock that remains the basis of the modern key lock. His design called for the use of a single key capable of raising the locks, two tumblers together. Like that key, communication keeps a family working together. So what is communication? According to one dictionary, communication means, " to transmit information, thought, or feeling so that it is satisfactorily received or understood." Another dictionary defines it as" A technique for expressing ideas effectively." Meaningful relationships require good communication, getting to understand one another, our needs and joys, telling one another how much we appreciate all the kind things that have been done for us. In other words, significant conversation shows that we are not taking others for granted. Never would you want to allow a communication gap to develop between you and your spouse. Talk together freely. Your being open and honest can help cement your marriage bond. Open communication means that the parent will try hard to be available when your child needs to talk if you are a parent, make sure that communication is open at least from your side. This is especially true for teenagers. Teen years are turbulent. Adolescents experience emotional ups and downs. Teenage boys and girls may want to be more independent, and they may resent limits placed on them by their parents. Remember though that such youths are still quite inexperienced and in need of loving, patients help from their parents When your teenager feels it is a good time to talk, it may be your time to keep quiet and listen. We may be involved in other matters at the time, still if your youngster wants to talk to you, try to adjust your plans and listen. (OTHERWISE, HE OR SHE MAY NOT TRY AGAIN). Teenagers need the reassurance that their parents are there for them if needed. Remember that good communication like Barrons Lock can unlock many happy and joy filled years as a happy family.