Great Arborvitae - Evergreens for Bensalem Township

Emerald Green Arborvitae are easy to grow in Bensalem Township Pa. This article will help you understand this landscape plant. Arborvitae have masses of small fiberous roots which allows them to transplant at most times of the year. The Emerald Green has the best year round color, but is narrow in form. In real dry years this plant does not survive as well as the more open arbs such as the American, Techny, Nigra, and Elegantissma. This variety, because its foliage is more dense than other varieties, is less tolerant than more open cultivars. In an urban area with deer problems, this variety will be consumed before the next season. We have in stock and ready to pickup these arbs from seedlings (6-10") to 6-8' trees. Emerald Green arbs are easy to plant but afew tips will help your success. When planting, remember that the symptoms of overwatering are identical to underwatering. More trees, shrubs, and houseplants are killed from overwatering than all other problems combined. Water thoroughly upon planting then water thereafter as needed depending on soil and environmental conditions. At no time should the planting zone be kept soggy. Feel the soil with your finger to test it. It should be moist not spongy wet. The plant should be dried to the point of dampness to the touch before a complete re watering. This regime should be carried out at least through the first few months. Soil moisture should be monitored closely for the next two years with corrective action taken as needed. Fertilizer spikes should never be used. You can tell when the arbs are happy with their new location by looking at the interface of the root ball and the new location. New fiberous roots should appear within weeks of planting. You can get more information on This and other plants at the following web sites and