You can make easy money from the Internet.

If it is what I am having in mind right now, this myth is what sets the realistic apart from the unrealistic. You have definitely heard of stories of how people make 4, 5 and maybe 6 figure incomes in the shortest period of time imaginable. While that is true in genuine cases, and I do know of some of these powerful, wealthy individuals, what is often not seen in the success story is the kind of hard work and wisdom put in by these individuals before they saw the results. It may seem as if they were overnight successes, but I do not think that they would agree to it, after having put what it takes to be successful on that day itself. That is like calling a new-found star an overnight success, which I doubt he or she would think so, after having put in all his or her effort, talent and dedication for perhaps, the past several years or so. Yet, being attracted to advertisements that goes "Earn $10,000.00 in 6 months" or the likes is what most people subscribe to. If you appreciate your intelligence, you will do well to stay away from ads or programs with hooks like this.