On finding that special "Someone"

The "love" relationship is perhaps the most selfish relationship we will ever enter into in our lives, let me explain. Even though we are involved with another person, the whole relationship is really all about us. How they make us feel, how we feel being around the other person, what they do for us, is the sex good for us, and on and on it go's. Two people may be together but they still exist in their own seperate worlds to a certain extent. In the old days things were different, you married for different reasons, mainly necessity. It was a lot easier to survive as a family unit rather than on ones own. People married to have children, lot's and lot's if the womans body could stand it. A lot of people nowadays tend to marry out of loneliness it seems, for selfish reasons. We live in a very narcisistic society....a me myself and I world. I watched an interesting program one day, it was about a man and a woman who were trying to save their marriage. The way they did it made perfect sense. One of them, I can't remember which one, began putting the other first in their order of priorities, lo and behold if the other person didn't fall into line and start doing the same thing a few weeks later. Their marriage was saved in the long run, and the lesson here is that you gotta give in order to get.....period.