Randomizer Scripts - Are all Randomizer Sites Scams?

I am constantly asked, "Aren't Randomizers Scams and Pyramid Schemes?", or, "Are Randomizer Sites Illegal?". These types of theories and comments are posted everyday on the internet and message boards. While I won't go into whether or not all randomizer websites are scams or not, instead I will give you some information on them to help you make up your own mind. Let's get right into some questions and my answers about randomizers! Q: What is a Randomizer? A: Typically, a Randomizer is a program is designed to randomly choose a member to receive a portion of the signup fee when a new member joins. Q: Can I get rich by joining? A: Most likely not. But like everything else - you get out of it what you put into it. You can make some money - how much depends on you. Q: I have heard that Randomizers are scams. Is this true? A: I wouldn't call them scams. It is like a game of chance. You join in the hopes that other people will join so you can make money. The flaw with this in this past is that eventually the randomizer will slow to a crawl and new members don't earn anything. This is why they received a bad reputation. And in everthying else - there is always someone who may abuse things for their own gain. Q: What does weight refer to? A: Weight is a number that the program uses to determine how often a particular member gets picked for random payments. These are just a few, but main questions I have received over the years regarding randomizer script websites. I started with randomizers back when they were the most popular, I joined as a member on many site's and made a good return on my investements, but now it's harder to find a reliable randomizer website simply because it's become an easy target for scammers to set up shop very cheaply...sometimes free and walk away within a month or two with all the money they have collected. So how do you find a good site to join? The answers simple...Research! If a randomizer has just popped up promising big riches, that could be a warning sign. After pulling out of being a member of a randomizer site, I decided to open one with the intention of running an honest site. Alot of these randomizers don't actually offer you a product or service that is worthwile for the fee of joining, sure you get your membership and a chance at receiving random payments, but what do you really get if you don't get picked for payments? Nothing! This is why when I opened my site, I did so with the intention that the chance for random payments would not be the focus, instead, I offered a true value for their money, something tangible. In this example, if you actually receive something for your money (ex. Software delivered to your home on CD) that is worth the value of the membership, then this would be a legitimate sale and the randomizer would be a bonus to the membership! After about a year of running my site, I found that my site was doing so well, that I started to think about "What's Next?", and I thought about this for weeks, perhaps a month, and finally came up with a thought..."If I can make xxx a month running a randomizer script website, how much could I make selling the script to run a randomizer website?" And then I knew that I needed to find out if selling a randomizer script could generate a full time income. I started to do research on who created the best script on the market, and I quickly found someone who I trusted and whom I could depend on that created such a script and became a reseller! I worked hard at promoting my site and started making money almost immediately, and now I am proud to say that I still sell the same script after two straight years and can now stay at home and make a full time income from the comfort of my house! While this is not for everyone, I invite you to visit my website for more information, you may be glad you did! Chris Morris Random Technologies, LLC. http://www.randomizer-script.com