New Beginnings

Traditionally, this is the time when businesses set their goals and make out "To Do" lists to accomplish them. When Linda and I were brainstorming on what we thought this corporation should look like, we combed thousands of internet sites and compared notes from hundreds of networking meetings. Results of all this collaborating? 99% of everything you need to know about networking in the "traditional" way is out there! We began to think in terms of what a new company for a new era would look like. For me, it was comparing the business community to the ocean. The deeper the level of the ocean, the darker the water color. The tides are on a timeline of ebb and flow. Each time they roll to the shore they create a new palette for a new set of footprints. Business owners are on different depth levels in their businesses. e.g. start up, expansion, retention, new products. Their businesses rise and fall like the tides. Most individuals join some type of networking group to reach out to a shore to bring in more business, creating a fresh spot for a new client or relationship. The ocean is formed by many droplets but only a few of the vast amount actually reach a shore. And, they can only reach that shore with the help of other droplets. That is how NETWORKING EXPERTS inc was born. We want to give each business and business owner the opportunity to educate themselves and to provide the expertise in assisting with that opportunity. We also provide ways to mingle with other "oceans" through our e-community. Try setting a "To Be" list instead of a "To Do" list this year and let us assist you in reaching that shore.