College Degree at Home ...why go to college?

Finding the right college degree at home program can be one of the most confusing and important decisions you'll ever make. There are accredited online colleges, unaccredited schools and universities, privately accredited institutions, foreign accreditation and so on. For some adult learners accreditation may not be important but it can be an essential element if your goal is to enter a career that demands your college degree at home (or elsewhere) be "fully accredited." You need then to consider if your online college degree at home will be sufficient to enter your chosen career or advanced study in a profession such as law, medicine, business, engineering, psychology, etc. It all depends upon your needs and ultimately the requirements of your intended profession. While some unaccredited college degree programs are outstanding, you don't wan to waste two to four years or more (plus a lot of money) only to find out your degree will not be acceptable to an employer or graduate program. Many adult earners enroll in online college degree programs not to earn a degree, but rather to earn a certificate or diploma demonstrating their expertise if a particular field of study. In fact, this is probably a very good way of testing the waters to see if an online college degree or a particular distance learning college is for you and is compatible with your expectations. Don't overlook the fact that you may already have racked up some college credit for your life experience. Yes, that's right, many college degree at home programs will offer you an opportunity to have your experiences and skills evaluated to see if they qualify for college credit. Why not take full advantage of this option? Who knows, you may already have earned an associates degree and be well on your way to completing a bachelor degree. Associate degrees are typically two-year college degrees, but by having your experiential learning evaluated and perhaps taking a few credit by examination tests such as CLEP, DANTES, and other such programs, you can accelerate your online college degree--and your career. And, don't forget that the same strategy will work for a four-year program as well. Some traditional colleges also offer credit by examination, but, by and large, the college degree by distance learning programs are more open to this concept. In summary, you must choose the right college degree at home program. It is well worth the effort of checking out any college before you enroll and risk your time and money. Be certain that your university is one that will meet your career and professional goals and, more importantly, one that will ultimately satisfy YOU. Gather all the information you can about the distance learning college offering degrees in your area of interest. Learn about their credit by examination programs and policy on awarding credit for experiential learning. Why go to college when you can earn a college degree at home!