Why change In GRE postponed until 2007

The ETS, which contemplating the change in GRE, even announced the date of implementation once again given the relief of shy to the students by delaying its implementation for exactly a year. The highly anticipated and complex changes to the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) will begin in October 2007 rather than October 2006, a whole year later in the fall of 2007, company officials announce last week. Another wave of changes has swept over the Graduate Record Examination according to the Educational Testing Service, which, beginning in October 2006 delayed until October 2007, will affect the approximately 400,000 U.S. students who take the test annually. "It will undergo its biggest overhaul from October 2007 in the 57 years of GRE history. ETS believes the delay will better serve test takers and graduate institutions across the country as ETS transitions from the current computer- and paper-based forms of the test to the new Internet-based (iBT) version. "The higher education and graduate communities are excited about the revised GRE," explains Mari Pearlman, Senior Vice President of ETS's Higher Education Division. "They worked with us to create this revised test, and they are looking forward to using this test. The new launch schedule will enable us to complete the expansion of our Internet-based testing operations worldwide." The change was announced last year, but details have not been released until now. These changes will impact important aspects of the test such as score range; the type of questions asked how the officials will evaluate the scores, and more. Madeline Hamblin, director of the Office of Graduate Affairs at the University, said that the delay was sensible. "I think it was a good move," she said. "It would not be wise to start a new test before test centers were set up." Test development, design and field testing will continue for the new GRE test. The new iBT delivery platform is already being used to deliver the innovative new Test of English as a Foreign Language