The Mind and Knowledge

I respect the powers of the mind. What I mean by this is I understand how powerful knowledge, or lack there of is. I know how soothing or traumatizing memories can be. I recognize that our mind is what makes us human, that separates us from the other animals. It is fulfilling to learn knowledge and expand your mind, but at the same time it can seem empty. Even though I love knowledge, I can't find the way to love school again. I used to love it, but I don't anymore, I can't. To me it's all unimportant. All the knowledge we learn in school is inevitably useless, because it will never make us a better person in life, just in society. We strive to be accepted and to get the greatest education that we can, but in the end it's useless. I still want a good education. I know I need it to survive in society, but I don't work for it. I can't be the complete A's on my report card kind of person that I used to be. I'm happy with C's and B's now, and I get even worse sometimes. I don't do homework anymore, and I pass in reports late. I just can't help but feel that I'm wasting my time with school. Education is wonderful, but it's not everlasting; wisdom is everlasting. What I crave is wisdom. What I long for, search for, endlessly hope for is wisdom. Simple facts of who was the first president of the U.S., how many bones does a human body have, what is the cube root of 8257, or who wrote A Tale of Two Cities just seems too pointless to me. That's the kind of information you know for a bonus, for interest or boredom, but not to remind yourself you're human. If you major in one of those fields than it is fine to want to know that stuff, but I feel that we aimlessly follow knowledge and then we realize too late it leads us away from our purpose. There truly are intelligent people and wise people. Intelligent people want all the erudite information and knowledge they can gather, while wise people want experience and philosophy, views and feelings. They are complete opposite, but yet they coexist in peace. I do find knowledge fascinating at time, but overwhelming to say the least. I just feel that by wanting such great knowledge of facts, one can be mislead and restrained from the truth. I lust for the truth. I lust for it so badly, that I bring suffering to myself, but still I push on more. School is strange to describe. It is necessary, but not to the point where it should be the focus of one's life. It can be fun and useful, but teachers make it so boring these days, seeming to forget the beauty of knowledge and just endlessly preaching fact after fact in hopes that one might settle into a student's brain. Knowledge is a beautiful thing that should be honored and respected, loved and feared. It can create great people while at the same time ruin civilizations. I guess that might be my greatest concern with it. People don't have enough respect for their mind and what it can create.