Now for a Story from Another Time

I was just returning from the Barnes and Noble where I just had seen my first picture of Mary Queen of Scots while researching a book on Queen Elizabeth. Now I knew my x fiancee was from a family, the Comers ( Como in Italy and originating from Denmark after a stint in Canna. See the myth is that the tribe of Dan settled in Denmark. Den. Dan. Get it, Now back to our originally scheduled story...) , were written out of English history for trying to free Mary Queen of Scots from prison during the Babington plot. After the first four screams reached Elizabeth from those being hanged, decapitated, and drawn and quartered; she just hanged the rest. Well Tina did almost the same amount of damage, but I digress. See not only did she come from this infamous family, but she was the spitting image of Marry! Now this is not the first Queen I was infatuated with. See there was this fairy looking woman that worked in an Angel Shop in Salem Ma. Where else would all this weird stuff go on. La? No! She was the spitting image of the Magdalene with her red hair and the personality of Anne Boleyn. The strange thing with her was that her adopted mother was a Hever, a family kicked out of France way before Henry the Eighth. See Anne Boleyn was raised in Hever Castle in England. This was the first Queen. Since I was not married , she had no interest in me. Old habits from past lives are harder to loose than ones in this life. Actually later I was to meet Cardinal Woolsley who never understood why the woman from the angel shop had a hot and cold friendship with him in this life. See Woolsey had her marriage annulled and sat on the fence in trying to get her married to Henry the Eighth. After she kicked her sister out of the royal bed chambers. See Woolsey was not on the up and up, he wanted to be Pope. So if he had the Holy Royal Emperor's aunt, Katherine of Arragon, divorced from Henry, what chances did he have in becoming Pope. But his fence sitting lost Anne her head and forced him to commit suicide on his only puke before Henry took his. Right! Back to the queens. I went into this bar and used the bathroom. The strange events of the day was going through my mind. Did I almost marry Marry! Her only sons name was James, just like James the first of England. The Uncle of her son was the spitting image of the portrait of Charles the Second that hung in the Peabody Essex Museum. You know the one that shows all three profiles in the same painting. This all was a little hard to take. But I though if that was true, then maybe I could find Elizabeth and fix it all. I was a bit stupid at the time. I actually wanted Marry, I mean Tina back! See Edmund Spencer called Elizabeth the Fairy Queen. Virginia Wolf in Orlando gave her magical powers that could grant immortality. Maybe she could fix her? In mythology it is thought that the soul resides in the head. This is why headhunters go hunting. For they can not bring life into this world without a head that will become their child in its next life. Also it is thought once you loose your head, you are never quite right in your next lives. So I flushed and went back into the bar. A woman I met once or twice had called me out. Sitting next to her was a pasty faced woman with red hair that complained throughout the night about the recent movie called Elizabeth. She thought it was full of twentieth century quarter backing. Her father was from Virginia, her big toe was smaller than the rest (a Sign of royalty), and the woman I knew previously actually thought she was Queen Elizabeth. But this was only her lady in waiting she fired in this life who ends up robbing three thousand dollars from her. But that is much too grand of a story for us now. So I dated Carol, Elizabeth, whatever for five years. Before I met her, she was celibate for five years and thought that was enough time to restore her virginity. Kind of like Elizabeth after bearing two secret children was to be called the Virgin Queen. Now me and Carol went to dinner once where the woman from the angel shop, Anne Boleyn, was waiting at. She started to serve us and never came back after seeing Carol. See Anne was Elizabeth's mother. Well after walking eight hours back to town because I did not want argue my way to Rhode Island, I found a dear Jon letter from the queen. See she rode past me twice to go back home and write the letter saying she was moving out. I hate queens. And the Woosley character, he turned out to be a queen of sorts in this life too. For his dream is to play the wicked witch in the Broadway play Wicked. He knows all the songs by heart.