Barry Michaels-Radio is My Life!

Thirty year broadcast vet, Barry Michaels, has quite a few stories to tell and he pays tribute to those who inspired and entertained him. Barry's career has had it's share of ups and downs. >From sleeping in his Volkswagen 'Bug' to traveling across the United States five times in search of the perfect on air radio job, Barry's stories are poignant and laugh out loud funny. Learn how Barry was almost gunned down in a radio station in Orlando, Florida before his boss intervened. See radio through his eyes when he begins work at a rock and roll radio station that employs a Catholic priest as a 'DJ.' The 'Radio Road' is fraught with many bumps along the way and you may even see yourself as Barry attempts to raise three young sons as a single father and tries a comeback after a messy divorce and child custody battle. Barry's adventures have taken him from the beautiful stillness of the blue Virginia mountains to the golden Pacific ocean--all seen through the window of his beloved Volkswagen, which he still owns. It's radio and it's real. Come along for the ride, and find out the true stories of those 'masked riders of the hertzian wave.' With photo and audio collection.