10 Essential Ingredients For Setting Up The Perfect Home With Roommates

Have you ever wondered how to set up the perfect home when living with roommates? Well the wait is over. As you'll discover creating the perfect home is a bit like baking the perfect cake - it's all about the ingredients. The key to setting up the perfect home with roommates is finding the right combination of ingredients for you. This combination will be different for each household as roommates have different ideas, thoughts and personalities. It's never too early or late to create your perfect home. You can plan your home with your new roommates before or when moving in, or alternatively with existing roommates to decide how you would like to live in the future. It's a good idea to sit down with all of your roommates to discuss and find the perfect combination of these essential ingredients. This way you can make sure that all roommates are happy and everyone's idea of the perfect home is created. Also, taking the time and planning how you would like to live, can save you time, money and hardship. Simply, take these 10 essential ingredients, give them a bit of your own personal touch and you'll be able set up the home that's right for you. 1. Dwelling Type Do you wish to live in a house, apartment or townhouse? The type of dwelling determines not only the rent but also the amount of maintenance that needs to be done. For example, when living in a house you will need to make sure the lawn is mowed and the garden kept tidy. 2. Lease Will each person need to be on the lease or will the leaseholder sublet to other roommates? This is an important decision as it can have serious legal consequences for each roommate. 3. Rent Does the rent include expenses like telephone, electricity and household items or will these be extra expenses and paid for separately? You will need to decide how and when the rent will be collected as well as how much money needs to be put aside for common household items like dishwashing detergent or light bulbs. 4. Extra Expenses Will expenses like telephone, cable TV and/or Internet be divided equally or on a user-pays basis? When implementing a user-pays system, you will have to decide how everyone's usage will be calculated, for example, each roommate may need to enter their own pin number when using the phone. 5. Conflict Resolution How will disagreements and disputes be handled in the household? Having a plan will allow conflicts to be solved quickly and easily. 6. Grocery Shopping Do you wish to share grocery shopping expenses and buy items as a household or prefer each person be responsible and buy their own food and grocery items? 7. Household Chores How will the house or apartment be kept tidy and clean? Will each person be accountable for a few chores or will everyone tidy up after themselves? You may like to set up a roster so each roommate knows which chores they need to do. 8. Furniture and Shared Household Items Will roommates need to bring their own furniture and how will common living areas be furnished? You may also wish to create a plan on how to deal with damaged furniture and breakages. 9.Entertaining Do roommates need to check with each other before throwing a party or can friends of roommates come and go as they please? Roommates with different social habits often have different ideas about entertaining so having some guidelines may come in handy. 10. Special Household Rules Do you wish to make any special household rules, for example, roommates need to give 2 weeks notice before moving out? It's important that everyone knows these rules before they move in and agree to follow them. These 10 key ingredients brings your household back to the drawing board and lets you put the pieces of the puzzle together one piece at a time. It clarifies what's important to each roommate so that you can create a home that runs smoothly and happily. So, just remember, when you take the right ingredients and the right roommates, you can build the right home for you. Happy Roommate Hunting