Plum Yews Have Excellent Deer Resistance

Deer been eating up nursery stock everywhere. Deer numbers are rising in urban areas and many people have to switch from their prized landscape favorites. One, the Taxus, is hard hit by the deer. We offer a plant called the Plum Yew (Cephalotaxus Harringtonia) which has shown to be deer resistant. Most gardeners can't tell the difference between the two plant types. Deer can, they avoid the Plum Yew. It requires moist well drained soils, but is hardy in drier soils once established. The Plum yew is also heat resistant and will do well in southern gardens even in full sand. There are no serious pests except it is reported to suffer some mite damage. This are just afew of the many plant selections that we raise on our Doylestown Pa. farm. We are pleased to show you these in the field and discuss their habits and help you determine the best plants to help you improve your landscape. Visit our other web sites at and