Cat Lover's Gift Basket

Speaking as a quintessential cat lover, receiving a "Cat Lover's Gift Basket" is second only to receiving an actual cat!

Next time you're shopping for someone who is as wild about cats as you and I are, consider the following suggestions. You'll all be happy, including the feline of the group.

First of all, decide upon your "Basket". It can either be a medium-sized wicker basket (cats love to nestle inside of them) or it could be a fairly deep cat bed. Inside, on the bottom, lay out sheets of colorful tissue paper, or even a pretty baby blanket.

Following are some ideas for treats to fill the basket or bed. Customize the list appropiately for the lucky person who is receiving the present.

-A CD of light jazz that he/she and their feline friend will enjoy listening to together. Cats love jazz. They have such exquisite taste.

-A great looking set of water and food dishes.

-A coffee mug with a cat on it.

-A Garfield book of comic strips and/or a Garfield calendar.

-Cat Nip-filled toys or balls.

-A ball of yarn. Stereotypical, sure....but oh so much fun!

-The Video Version of the musical "Cats".

The possibilities are as endless as your imagination and your desire to bring a smile to this person's face.

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