Re-Inventing You and Me

My birthday is coming and the standard questions I always ask myself, how is my life going, could I be more successful and make more money? Could I be a better Husband and father? Could I be a better friend? Could I do more in my work life? When my birthday rolls around I question everything. Dr. Phil says,"Is it working for you?" Good question. I ask myself can I do more. I think it is the more part that is always challenging. What more could I do for everyone in my life? What more is there? What is real and what is smoke and mirrors? So many questions. Maybe it is a good time to just slow everything down and take a hard look at one's life. My business is a very important part of my life. I spend more time at the office than anywhere else in my life. This article is about my work, so I ask the question, could I re-invent myself so I get the maximum results possible from all my lifes experiences and all my business experiences. I think, this being Super Bowl week it reminds me that these two teams have done their very best to get into this years Super Bowl. For these two Super Bowl teams, Pittsburgh and Seattle I know they gave it there all to get into this supper sports event. Being an athlete I know that athletes re-invent themselves every year. It starts with spring football or the spring of any sport. With my birthday coming it feels like spring time and I need to re-invent myself too. The Bankcard industry is the industry that I have chosen to make my business mark in life. The Bankcard industry provides the freedom I want in life to make choices for me and my family. The Bankcard industry also provides the standard of living that allows me to live in a safe neighbor and enjoy the little niceties of life. I drive the car I want and live where I want. I have a nice life. Could I have a more productive life from the business point of view? Could I make more money so I could do more for my family and could I someday make the super bowl of business? The answer is yes, yes and yes. The big question is how could I do better in business? The answer is a little more complex, but here it is. Re-invent myself. I must re-invent myself in so many ways. Where do I start? Just like an athlete who must get into shape for the new season ahead. I must take the same approach. I must look at everything that could affect my work life and look at the things I need to do and improve on so I can get to the super bowl of business. The Super Bowl of business for me means having NO worries about money for me and my family for the years ahead. It means having the respect of your business peers and it means enjoying the many fruits of one's labor. The Super Bowl of business is different for everyone. Personal rewards and goals are unique to the individual. If I am going to improve, then I must make some changes and I must being willing to try new ideas and venture out of my comfort zone. I must understand that rewards carry a price of commitment. I know that I must put a lot of sweat into my re-inventing of myself. Where do I start? I must take a step back and observe the leaders of my industry. What are the leaders doing to get to the top. I must review the things that might make be less effective in my daily life. I must examine the little things that really waste my time and are not productive. I must shake things up and look under every rock to make sure that my personal audit is done with all the facts. I want to look at relationships, both family and friends. I want to ask me close to me what ideas they have to help me be a better family person and friend. I want to ask my business peers what they observe. I figure if I am going to audit my self then I better do my home work. To get to the Super Bowl of life I better find out now, what the issues are. What do I know that I do not know? What are the fears that are holding me back? When I do my research and get the facts, then I will need a plan to go forward. I want to build a plan to get me to the Super Bowl of Business and Life.