My Poetic Portrait

It occurred in 82' But would not happen til 83' The recent graduates Were parents-to-be. Once as wild as monkey's Now as busy as bees They were just 20 years older Then their baby-to-be. On March 25th The doctor announced 6 pounds, 4 ounces She's as tiny as a mouse! Named after my great-grandma An angel on earth The family rejoiced Over my unplanned birth I was the first grandchild To ever come around I was spoiled so rotten That I rarely ever frowned Good news came in 86' When my parents announced I would be a big sis! I tried to imagine What it would be like All the things I would teach her To dance, swim, and ride a bike. Jessica came in the middle of November We became best friends Having many fun times together. 6 years later, 6 years after Jess came the year 92' we sat down to talk and to my surprise... my mom housed another baby inside. On 7-11 little Chelsey came to be My baby sister Was 10 years younger than me. She grew up so quick Right before my very eyes Unfortunately life held yet another surprise. In 1998 two worlds collided My parents divorced Our family divided. I lived with Dad, Mom took Jess and Chels. Only sadness erupted from us not living in the same house. Though things were very different, and not how we preferred. We overcame our barriers, And did not let our friendship deter. Now in 2004, My sisters are my best friends. I love, cherish, and adore them, I will to the end. I'm engaged to be married, To a wonderful man. My sisters love him dearly, And show him all they can. One thing I know for sure is, As I approach my wedding endeavor, Those two beautiful girls will stand beside me On that day until forever.