Western Wedding

Ye Ha" Western weddings are brilliant. You can`t beat a good beer, a Barbecue and a good old camp song. I hope this lot is some use to you.

See if you can get or rent a barn that will allow to have open fires out doors, it would make a nice backdrop. Think barn dance and check out movies that have those scenes in them, for ideas.

Bales of hay, rope, gingham and calico, old boots, mason jars, jugs, bunting and swags, washtubs, wire, livestock, garlands of greenery and arrangements of fruit. Tree trunks are ideal for sitting on the outside. Set the wedding cake on a cool bird bath or pedestal wash basin stand. The bride's dad could carry a prop shotgun for a real shotgun wedding effect!

Look for heavy rustic papers and for your invitations.

Use soft rope to hand tie the bouquets and add wild weeds and hay. Wildflower bouquets are all a cow girl needs. Fill old, odd containers with flowers at the tables. I.e. paint cans, tins, baskets, mason jars, use coils of rope to hide the vases. It should look simple and hand done. You can easily make all the decorations you need just using hay, weeds and herbs.

Brides attire
Look around for old western wedding dresses. Or wear a long flared ankle length skirt with a white shirt. Or a long denim skirt with tassels on and a white or denim shirt. Or you dress casual denim jeans and a shirt. Wear boots and put a bandana on your head if you are wearing any of the latter 3. If you are wearing a traditional western wedding dress wear wild flowers in your hair.

Grooms attire
Find out if you can get cowboy tuxedos. "I`ve heard of them but I think you might have to send away for it from America". He could wear a denim shirt with tassels on, jeans or vest and blue jeans.

Cowboy`s love their Barbecues so cook as much as you can outside. There are people that have rolling pits that can come to your site and cater barbecue. Don`t you do any of the cooking. Eat on picnic tables and benches and have extra bales to sit on. Drink from tins to give it the real western feeling. Have the cake made to look like bales of hay with plastic rifles on the top joining in the middle.

Ride to the wedding and the reception on a horse or horse carriage or hay wagon if possible.

Find a band that can do at least one square dance number for mood if nothing else. Violins, banjos and guitar. Look for music to set the mood you are after. Take a long a few tapes with all your favorite music on and a battery operated cassette player.

Give dead bullets away in tin cans.

Robin Williams

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