7 myths about good guys

It is every woman's dream to meet a "Good Guy" who will sweep her off her feet and transform into her knight in shinning armor. It is quite interesting to talk to women and listen to their ideas of what a "Good Guy" is. It is after listening to some close female friends that I decided to clear the air by busting some of the myths surrounding what Good guys are all about. Here are some of the myths and the truths about good guys:

1.A good guy will never cheat on me no matter what. It is true that a good will not usually cheat on you. However if you do not give this kind of guy the love and attention he deserves, he will eventually stray just like the bad guys. The only difference is that he may be a little bit more patient with you before he finally crosses that infidelity line. Once he crosses over to the other side and starts getting what you should have been giving him, it will be extremely difficult to get him back. Is your Good Guy cheating?
You can certainly find out if he is cheating, and catch him.

2.Good guys never get angry or upset