A Filipino Dream

If we think of our situation at present, we can say that we Filipino had something and we learned something in the past.

A filipino dream has always been simple that is to survive in everyday life,but if given a cahnce to live better we take the opportunity. A Filipino dream has a lot of things to consider, one is our family,if we think something we Filipinos think the best to our family because our family is the reason of all of this dreams.

A Filipino dream is a dream of progress.It is a dream of uplifting the status of many Filipino to recover from grave poverty that is really a common problem today,and also to live them with dignity, a moral values that a Filipino should have.A Filipino dream is to have descipline and respect among Filipinos through there ones, we can avoid corruptions that make Filipino suffer from grave poverty.It is also a dream of place, if we Filipinos could have only love and focus only on a good life, we can achieve a peace nation and surely a better life someday.

As an unique creature of God, I am dreaming not only for my on sake but also for the sake of others.

I believe that a Filipino dream can stand a strong hope going through the realities.

Just remember with God's presence, believe in your self, and try to fulfil it! I can state that "All Things are Possible".

About the Author: The author is an 4th year high school student of Batasan Hills National High School. This short speech is an requirement for the english subject in the 4th grading period.

Source: www.isnare.com