A Guide to Glass Caskets

Glass caskets are not commonly used for human burial, but they are widely used as funeral caskets that display the body of the deceased. Glass caskets are used for the burial of small pets. Glass urns are used to contain the remains of a person who has been cremated. Some glass urns can be made with the ashes of the deceased actually baked into the glass.

Glass caskets are often used in funeral services to display the body of the deceased. The caskets are usually completely translucent from head to foot. Glass funeral caskets are usually laid horizontally so it appears that the person inside is resting. The bodies can be left in vacuum-sealed glass caskets for up to two days before they start to decompose. Glass caskets are not used for burial, as the glass is not sturdy enough to withstand being put to earth. Glass caskets are usually rented from the funeral home.

Glass caskets are much more common for pets than they are for people. Several companies make small glass caskets for pet burial, as well as glass urns for cremated pets. Some manufacturers can make custom glass caskets built to the specifications of the pet owner.

Glass urns are an alternative to traditional burial caskets. These urns can hold the cremated remains of the departed or they can hold personal keepsakes. There are an endless number of shapes and sizes of glass urns. Some are elaborately decorated while others are simpler. Some custom glass urns can have some of the ashes of the deceased contained within the glass itself. These urns are frequently used to hold keepsakes. The ashes are baked into a pattern in the glass, with the keepsakes inside the urn.

Glass caskets are commonly used for display during funerals. They are also commonly used for pet burial or as containers of ashes. Glass caskets provide a nice alternative to more traditional funeral caskets.

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