A Look at Copper Weather Vanes

Weather vanes or wind vanes are made of various materials ranging from wrought iron, to copper, to bronze, and more. Copper is the most commonly used material because of its practicality as well as its nice appearance. Copper weather vanes are very durable and easy to maintain for a long time. They are mostly made of solid copper, but they may also be plated with copper, which is more often the case for desktop copper weather vanes. The direction indicators are made of brass with copper spacer balls. Copper weather vanes are available in copper, bronze and antique finishes.

Copper weather vanes are mounted on steel rods and have an adjustable mount roof bracket. Desktop copper vanes, on the other hand, have a brass mounting rod with a solid brass base. Copper weather vanes are created by hammering copper into cast iron moulds. Then the pieces are trimmed by hand and soldered into the final figure. Parts of the vane are made separately and then joined together, and some of the more intricate parts are cast in bronze.

Making intricate copper weather vanes is still considered to be a folk art. Copper weather vanes are available in several designs including roosters, ospreys, eagles, attack eagles, ascending geese, landing ducks, feathered geese, blue herons, three geese in flight, pelicans, peace doves, pheasants, quail, cows, horses, bulls, foxes, whimsical pigs, golden retrievers, lab retrievers, cats and mice, deer, moose, elks, dolphins, whales, bass, sailfish, schooners, yawls, sailboats, sloops, mermaids, lighthouses, country doctors, angels, pineapples, pine trees, locomotives, planes, biplanes, low wing planes, moons, suns, stars, arrows, banners, flags, golfers, firemen, lamplighters, handsaws, and many more.

Copper weather vanes are suitable for any kind of a location, be it a farmhouse, church, residential house or corporate building. Different finishes can add class. Antique copper weather vanes are very valuable. New weather vanes are now made to look like old ones in order to increase their value. Copper weather vanes can also be specially designed according to customer's desires. Nowadays, weather vanes are rust free and maintenance free.
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