A New Year'`s Resolution to Learn a New Language

Danny Glover, the famous American actor, once said that his new year's resolution was to learn French, because everyone he wants to speak with in West Africa speaks French. If you would like your fun new year's resolution to be to learn a new language, then there are quite a few different ways you can go about it.

Perhaps you've been wanting to learn the language of your Grandmother. Perhaps you would benefit from learning an official language or unofficial second language of your country, such as French in Canada or Spanish in USA. Or Greek in Melbourne Australia! Apparently the second largest Greek-speaking city in the world after Athens, in terms of number of people who speak Greek, is Melbourne Australia! Or perhaps you feel like learning something that feels exotic like Japanese or Swahili. One Saturday in November 2004, the national Canadian newspaper the "The Globe and Mail" put its entire front page in Chinese, explaining that with the globalization of jobs, Chinese will probably be a necessary business language of the future.

A fun way to start learning a new language, especially if you're not a disciplined type of student, is to enrol in a language course. You meet other people in your class who have the same language interest as you which is fun in itself, you're being taught by a real teacher, and the once a week schedule of the classes means that you are practising your new language regularly and steadily. Local community centers offer these courses. Colleges, private language institutes and continuing education programs at university offer them. You may be lucky enough to have cultural organizations nearby that offer language courses. For instance, a local immigrant organization in my town offers courses in Swahili, a language spoken in many east African countries. Downtown, a cultural organization funded by France called Alliance Fran