A Tent Heater will keep you warm and cozy when camping

Are you ready to go camping with your new tent heater and camping equipment. Ok so you've been camping for a while now and you want to venture into unchartered territory. You've always camped in the spring and summer but now your ready to try fall and winter camping. There can be very cold nights depending on what campground you choose so what could be the best thing to avoid a chill? Why a heater of course. The military have been using gas catalytic tent heaters for ages now and campers have jumped on the bandwagon.

Tent heaters are lightweight and portable, designed for use indoors or out. Wall Tent camping heaters are usually propane gas and some can heat up to 200 sq ft or a 6-man tent. Features include quick and safe spark-to-light ignition and automatic low-oxygen shutoff.

Coleman Black Cat Portable Heater (OGTHOOOO1004) with electronic ignition has an advanced platinum catalytic combustion system that converts propane into heat energy at 850 degrees F just below ignition point of most flammable materials. Features include an electronic ignition, adjustable high/low temperature setting, compact legs for easy storage, easy to grip handle. Aprox. 3lbs and runs for 7 hours on a single propane cylinder.

Other popular heaters for tents include Masterglo, Mr. Heater MH24T double heat and Streamlight 33202 ProPolymer with LED flashlight. Other items to keep you warm on your camping trip at night include an air mattress or foam sleeping pad, a mummy sleeping bag and bag liner, dome tent, extra blankets and of course hot chocolate
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