Acting Is This Really What You Want?

As an actor, you must be open. There is no one-way to act.
Basically, you will have to read, observe, learn, and gain
knowledge in several different approaches, and then you may pick
and choose what you like and come up with your own method, that
will work for you.

However, you can make one definite decision now. What are you in
it for? If you are in it for the love, chances are you will have
greater odds of success.

But, if you are in it for other reasons, (fame, money, etc.) you
may not have as strong of a chance, because the passion is not

Determining your reason for this profession will also help you
decide on the roles you take on to play. What is your reason to
be up there on stage or in front of the camera? You have the
whole world listening to you, what do you want to tell them?
Whatever you choose, make sure you stick with it, and whatever
you do, do not sell out. Otherwise, your great journey would
have been pointless.

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