Actor Samuel L. Jackson Launches a New Fan Friendly Website

Actor Samuel L. Jackson responds to fans' e-mail, provides a chat room, video downloads and more at His new movie "The Man" opens Friday September 9th.

Samuel L. Jackson welcomes fans at his new website The actor opens in "The Man" with Eugene Levy Friday September 9th. A private source reports that there have been over 2 million downloads to the new movie's trailer over the last two days.

Mr. Jackson is said to be extremely proud of the website and is happy to offer it to his loyal fan base. The website offers the ability to download video clips, and offers a filmography of the actor's works dating to 1972. The actor's biography is also posted.

The fan friendly site also offers interviews, a chat room, photo gallery, and fan club membership. To stay in touch with his fans, the actor even responds to their e-mails.

The fans of the actor are happy to learn he is the highest box office grossing actor at $3.8 billion. Mr Jackson is currently working on a project with Craig Brewer, "Black Snake Moan," which is slated to open next year.

The next movie to open of Samuel L. Jackson will be "Freedom Land," which will open on December 23rd 2005 in New York and Los Angeles to see if it gets nominated for an Oscar. On January 13th 2006, you can also look forward to "Double Flow" which will be another exciting movie of Mr. Jackson's.

If you have not yet seen Mr. Jackson's website and downloaded his new movie clip "The Man" then feel free to race over to it at

This information was just released on behalf of Mr. Jackson by Internet team.

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