Send Flowers: A How To Guide

It's should be an easy, feel-good experience to send flowers. Here are some simple tips to ensure that you are satisfied with the results.

There are several pieces of information that you need to communicate to your local florist. A good florist knows these pieces of information and will ask the right questions. If you do not have a good local florist, you may need to take matters into your own hands and order flowers online. Either way, if at any point during the ordering process you don't feel you're getting through, don't be afraid to ask for what you want. If you still don't feel comfortable, politely cancel the order and try again elsewhere.

What date do you want the flowers delivered?

Many florists offer same day delivery and some even offer timed delivery. If the timing is important to you, understand that you may have to pay for a special service. A good florist will meet your needs and charge you accordingly.

To whom and where are the flowers to be delivered?

Do your part and have the recipient's name, address and phone number ready.

What is the occasion and what do you want the flowers to say?

Here's where you may need to interject the details. If it's a Congratulations for a new baby, there's a big difference in what you