An Introduction to Seraphim Angels

Seraphim angels are extremely popular collectible items. Ranging in size from small pins for lapels to figures several feet tall, they often feature flowing gowns, beautiful golden or brown locks of hair, rosy cheeks, hands and feet, and, of course, the signature feathery wings. You can give them to your family and friends, collect them to beautify your home, or buy and sell them on the secondary market as a profit-making venture.

Making a seraphim angel as a long, arduous, exacting process. The art form requires loads of patience and skill, and a steady hand. Seraphim angels are usually made of porcelain, porcelain bisque, or resins.

To begin, a master sculptor first designs an angel as a two-dimensional sketch. He then submits it to his distributor for approval. After a design has been decided upon, the master sculptor begins work on the three-dimensional clay sculpt. This is the most