An Introduction to Wind Energy

About wind energy?

Put simply, wind energy is energy derived from the wind. By using wind turbines we are able to harness the power of the wind and convert it into electricity for use in homes, schools, businesses and any other establishments that require electricity. Originally it was thought inconceivable that we would be able to use wind turbines for anything other than milling flour but this theory has been proven to be very wrong. Our search for renewable sources of energy has led us to consider and develop wind power, solar power and even hydropower as major sources of energy.

How does a wind turbine work?

Wind energy works similarly to a dynamo on your bike? Similarly to the dynamo a wind turbine is rotated by the wind, exactly the same principles as a wind turbine but instead of using our legs to power the pedals, a wind turbine uses wind to turn the blades. Put another way, a wind turbine works the opposite way to a fan. Where a fan would use electricity to turn the blades a win turbine does the opposite and uses the rotating blades to create electricity.

There are two types of wind turbine that are regularly used to create energy on a large scale, and both work on the same basic principles. As the wind travels into and through the blades, they rotate and turn a shaft. In turn this shaft connects to a generator (like a dynamo) that will create the electricity. A two-blade turbine faces away from the wind and a three-blade turbine faces into the wind. Typically, a large number of turbines are combined to create wind farms, capable of powering large numbers of buildings, but there are smaller single turbines available that you can place in your garden and use to power certain aspects of your house.

Wind turbines at home.