Antique Singer Sewing Machine Information!

If you own or want to own an antique Singer sewing machine, you probably have found that it is hard to find parts and manuals for your machine. Finding an antique Singer sewing machine may take you some time. Some people have made it hobby to collect these machines as timeless classics.

Antique Singer sewing machines are collectors items to many. To determine the value of one of these machines, you must first know the some basic information. The serial number can be found on metal plate at the base of the machine usually on the right side below the arm. If you call Singer and give them this number, they can tell you the exact date of manufacture and the model. With this information you can find several websites online to get more information on your machine. But, you may need to pay someone to give you an appraisal of the machine to get an exact value. Since they are worth much more in good condition and older, this may be necessary to get a good value on your antique Singer sewing machine.

Cleaning your antique Singer sewing machine needs to be done cautiously and carefully. Any damage to the machine will cost you in value on the machine. Some collectors use WD-40 and a very soft cloth to clean the head of the machine. But, when doing the decals, be very careful as they can easily be ruined. Be very careful not to remove the paint on the machine. Taking all of these precautions will ensure the value of your antique Singer sewing machine.

If you are intrigued or interested in antique Singer sewing machines, take a great deal of time to research them. Understand what models are worth and know which details are important in making them worth more. Know the antique Singer sewing machine value by using websites or calling the Singer company before you purchase these machines. Also, if you find an antique Singer sewing machine part that needs to be replaced, realize that the age of the machine will limit the availability of parts. The older they are, the harder they are to find. Using your research, you will be able to find and possibly collect the best available antique Singer sewing machine.

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Mike Yeager