Being More Efficient

"Efficiency is the ability to get maximum results at minimum cost in money, time or effort.

It is so rare a quality that the man who has it need fear no competition.

Men waste more effort than they utilize in nearly every under- taking. Often ten times as much.

They spend countless working hours on trifles, unworthy of their caliber. They have no schedules. They fritter time away.

Rare is the man doing half what he could if he corrected this evil of waste."

- Claude Hopkins --------------------- For many years, companies have been using efficiency experts to help them reduce wasted movements and activities, and stream line their work. Computers have given us vast resources to improve our daily efficiency both at work and at home. Then there is that brings efficiency into your home life with ebooks such as Secret Confessions of a Clean Freak ( that shows you how to get your housework done efficiently. Remember the definition from Claude Hopkins above - "Efficiency is the ability to get maximum results at minimum cost in money, time or effort." No suffering required.

Getting a Thin Attitude ( shows you how to maintain health, energy and lose weight, efficiently. Again, with minimum cost in money, time or effort.

The new Google Desktop ( application helps improve your efficiency by being a total personal manager for your computer, now both on your desktop and on the Net. And if you're a mobile user, the new google mobile homepage ( is great.

Sites such as provide tons of tools for organizing almost anything in your home or office. provides the convenience your local drugstore, prescriptions, all kinds of health and beauty products, and even cleaning products - without ever leaving your home. The newest efficiency tool is having your greeting cards sent out for you. I wish I'd have thought of it! This one is really efficient.

There are millions of places to shop online for everything imaginable. But with so many places to shop, it can become a nightmare. Be sure to book mark your favorite stores and put them in a separate folder for easy access. One of my favorites is Barnes and Noble. You can find all kinds of books, movies and music. My daughter has some different taste and I've been able to find many of the strange titles she wants in stock there. She wants to direct animated movies, so she's into anime and a few movies that came out of the UK. She finds some really off-beat stuff that the rest of us never heard of.

Another of my favorites, especially between Halloween and Christmas is Oriental Trading. They have tons of stuff for Halloween. And for Christmas too. You can get a set of a dozen really pretty blown glass ornaments for a few bucks. They make a really nice gift. Just put them in a nicer box. Yep, Christmas. If you really want to be efficient, start shopping now. Watch the sales and the catalogs. Order one present a week and your shopping will be done, and your budget won't feel as bad as if you did it all at once.

The Internet has even made the U.S. Post Office more efficient. Can you believe that? They offer tons of services right on the website. (

Using these tools, you too can be a master of efficiency and have more time to do the things you want to do!
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