Know-How Engineering of Chromatography

"Have more then you show,
Speak less than you know".

"The very nations that have made the greatest progress in their development during the last century are justly those three countries which have rewarded their inventors for the inventions done".
Evans, J.
Chicago Steel Foundry Co. v. Burnside Steel Foundry Co., 132F. 2d 812, 816; 56 U.S.P.Q., 283,287
(7 th Cir. 1943)

I have a lot of secrets in the field of chromatography!

One of them is the attainment of maximum possible efficiency of the chromatographic column (Hayrapetyan's Effect).

For this purpose the new basic technology chromatography - Chromabarography is offered. (Russia patent Chromatograph of A. S. Hayrapetyan).

The essence of the new basic technology of chromatography - Chromabarography - is the provision of the optional conditions of the analysis by keeping unchanged the linear rate of an imaginary point - the zone of the sample moved in time by the carrier-gas from the inlet to the outlet of the chromatographic column, ∆ p being kept constant at its ends during the whole cycle of the analysis, by which a maximum column efficiency (Hayrapetyan's Effect) is attained.

From the practice of international trade of licenses it is known that expenses for the acquisition of a new technology, know-how and engineering at their mean sizes constitute a legible part of the income the main factors taken into account in the adoption of a decision and activity planning by a firm are:
◊ innovation;
◊ in-time outstripping of competitors;
◊ technical superiority of items.

Companies usually tend to penetrate into new markets as early as possible (though not necessarily the first) with a product of a quality as high as possible, and then accommodate their items to market demands ("Perkin Elmer").

To copy, means always to catch up. To buy a license means to get to the level of the latest achievements of world science and practice in the shortest time and with the least expenditure of forces and means. An example of this may serve Germany, the Netherlands and Japan, burst ahead in some fields of science, technique and industrial production, mainly on account of acquisition of licenses for the right to use foreign patents and know-hows.

The essence of other patentable technical solutions - inventions, developing the basic technology, is not described as they are not patented. Their patenting only in Armenia is not expedient for the following reasons:

appearance of earlier publications, which is equivalent to transmission of information about technology without any compensation;

absence of manufacturers and mass consumers of chromatographic equipments in the country;

absence of logical sense for buying Armenian patent in view of its extremely limited territorial and economic influence on analytical devices market by the use of new basic technology of chromatography - chromabarography.

Consequently nobody buys them at the sum which one could get from European and/or patents of USA, Japan and other developed countries.

But there are no sufficient means to get patents of these countries. For information: the procedure of patenting in USA only lasts 2(two) years and demands a sum of 8.000 - 30.000 American "rubles"!

However versions may be considered.
On the basis of the contract and/or the license agreements to carry out the joint patenting of the new technical solutions of the basic technology - Chromabarography, and before getting patents in the developed countries,
t r a n s m i t :
patentable technical solutions;
patent-owner's right;
author's right.


KNOW-HOW and ENGINEERING in the creation of CHROMABAROGRAPHY at the level of inventions of new modifications with an effective synergism.

Joint patenting of new technical solutions with leading firms in USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Czech Republic, Japan, South Korea, China, Russia and others interested in this field.

I would be happy if you considered it convenient to express your opinion or showed an interest in a joint patenting in the new basic technology of Chromatography - Chromabarography in countries at your choice.

Performance of temporary or permanent, including the Joint Venture form, managing, industrial, patent-licensing (all kinds of works, as well as evaluation and defense of the right of industrial intellectual ownership), research and innovation works.
Proposing the modern technology by "switching on" the electronic market of Internet, I am ready to discuss with you any question in the frame of the information postulated on the site.

I am sure the new basic technology of chromatography - Chromabarography - will be useful not only as a high - efficiency method (Hayrapetyan's Effect) of analysis, but will also enrich it as a scientific discipline.

P. S.
C h r o m a b a r o g r a p h y
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