Bernina Sewing Machines and the Company!

Bernina Sewing machines are among the best available. They offer many choices, designs, and features to everyone from the most experienced sewer to the beginner. Their website is a great tool to all of those individuals as well. With so much to offer the consumer, Bernina sewing machines are great assets to own.

Bernina sewing machines have been around since 1890. In 1893, Bernina invented the world's first hemstitching machine which could stitch 100 stitches per minute! A great feet for the time. The company prides themselves in their precision and workmanship. All of the designs are made to allow the user to do more and do it better. Most models have computerization to enable this. Bernina sewing machines are competitors in the market for the ultimate sewing machine.
While Bernina sewing machines are offered in department stores and craft/hobby stores worldwide, their website also allows the consumer to find and purchase the most up to date equipment available. But, the website allows for even more. There, the consumer can find ideas, inspiration, and even download a design. Even available at their website are online classes to teach the consumer how to use their state of the art Bernina sewing machines.

With so much available to the consumer it is no wonder that Bernina sewing machines have been around for four generations as leaders in innovation and quality. The company's machines speak for themselves, but their website offers even more. Being in the market for a new sewing machine or even learning about them, means looking into Bernina sewing machines.

About the author:

Mike Yeager