Better Red than Dead!

Red, perhaps the first color our eyes perceive.

It is said that people suffering from temporary color-blindness for whatever reason start to perceive red before they can discern any other color.

Red simply screams at us, demanding our attention. It may be the force of our collective human history, culture or genetics; we are dangerously attracted to this paradoxical, double-edged color which evokes an avalanche of emotions;
Infra-red radiation produces a warm and pleasant healing effect; while the color red triggers aggression and violence. Red is the color of emotional outbursts, shyness, shame and anger all color our faces deep crimson.
Red is blood, bravery, valor and courage. Ancient warriors painted their axes and spear-catapults red to endow their weapons with magic powers, a custom still followed by some Australian aborigines of today. Neolithic hunters and Germanic warriors even painted their bodies in the blood of slain animals, while Roman gladiators drank blood of their dying adversaries to take over their strength.

Red painted amulets or red gems, such as rubies or garnets, were used as charms against the evil eye and to bring about invincibility. Red bed-clothes were customary in Germany up to the Middle Ages as protection against "red illnesses", such as fever, rashes or even miscarriages

Yet red is also the symbol of love and fidelity. Greek mythology tells us that red roses, dedicated to the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite, were born from Adonis