Product Review: Send Out Cards - Distributor Tricia

Product Review: Send out Cards Owner/Distributor Tricia
Reviewed by: Sara Duggan

My first impression of this product was quite low. I am a distributor for a greeting card company so I am a bit of a critic.

However, Tricia was so kind and excited about her product both in the emails she sent me and on the phone. I allowed myself to
review her product on a blank slate. She sent me a sample card with a 1 year membership card to "Send Out Cards".

After a quick 15 minute "training" session with Tricia about how to send out cards, add people to my address book, and add additional stamps and cards to my membership card, I was ready to send out my first card.
My son's Birthday is coming up so he was my obvious first choice. I browsed through a number of cards and picked the one I thought would make him laugh.
I also added a personal greeting to the left side of the card just for him. Send out cards also has an optional add a picture to the left side so if you have a new picture of the grandkids to send, you can attach it fairly easily.

Tricia talked me through the steps of my first card. I added my son's information, picked the card, wrote my message, and then literally with the "click of a mouse" the card was sent. It was printed out, stamped, and mailed and I didn't have to leave my home.
I must say I really like this product. My son was thrilled to receive Mail, especially mail from his dear ole' Mom.
Now when the Christmas season comes around, I know exactly how I will "send out cards". Just add my list to the address book, pick my Christmas Cards, and "Click" they will be mailed out and I didn't even have to battle the holiday crowds.

Another feature I really thought would benefit Businesses owners especially, is the postcard Campaign. Just set up your campaign with the receipients addresses and then once a quarter or once a month, remind your customers that they are appreciated!

I give this product an outstanding 5 stars! It is easy to use, saves my time, includes a simple to use address book, avoids postal lines, avoids writers cramp, and I can even program it to not miss a single birthday or anniversary.
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