In the first part of this article I went through a summary of some of the reasons why we seem to rely on bleach as a staple household cleaner namely it seems to clean and it smells clean, therefore it must clean. Have you ever tried to remove mould with bleach? From window frames and bathrooms? It certainly seems to remove it and they come up looking nice and clean. Sometimes after only a couple of weeks the mould is back and within a month as bad as it ever was.

Now when you look at cleaning tips bleach is often mentioned as the product of choice for removing mould. However we all know, those of us who have tried it, that, although it works in the short term we have to keep repeating the process. Why do we continue to do this? Its not the fault of the bleach, it is because it happens to be a particularly damp spot and therefore attracts and stimulates mould growth. So it is just something we have to put up with. Very few will question whether it is the fault of the bleach being ineffective in the removal process. It can