Somebody will be happy to make you dirty..Keep yourself Clea

*How often did you recieve emails like this one below?:

Abidjan`s high offecials are seeking to smuggle US $22.500.000.00 from Coast d`Ivory to Europe.

The money belongs to The Coast D`Ivory`s Committee for Rehabilitation and Construction(Co^te D`Ivoire Societe Ivoiriene de Raffinage-S.I.R-) in Abidjan. The Refinery had a fire disaster October last year.

A mandated high official contacted some individuals in Europe a week before the recent disturbance, searching for acceptance to above 30% of the money transaction when successfully transfered to an indvidual account in Europe.

The high official stated that money was realised from over inflated contracts which the contract awarding committe awarded to some foreign contractors for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the refinery and the network pipeline.

He said his group will use the money for personal purposes,declaring that the contracts was awarded to the contractors to the tune of US$42,Million, but his group used it`s positions and over invoiced the amount to the tune of US $62.5 Million.
"Now that the project has been concluded and contractors are coming for their payments" he said, "we now required a reliable and trustworthily person, whom will be used as a sub-contractor and claim the over invoiced amount of US $22.5 Million, which has also been approved for payment and use his foreign account to transfer this fund from the paying bank in Abidjan".

The high official said to one of the contacted indviduals that he and his colleagues have mapped out all the necessary modalities towards the claim of this fund, but he added "due to our position we do not want to be noticed". A service of an attorney , he suggested to the contacted resources, will be used to secure the registration certificate as your sister`s company in Abidjan, to enable us reflect your name as one of the contractors, for board to raise a payment draft covering the fund in your favour.

He said,the contact of the attorney will be forwarded to the first one who`ll agree immediately notifying his interest in this proposal, by sending the name and address of his company and his bank particulars. He informed also that his presence will be needed in Abidjan to enable a meeting with him, to know him and agree on some vital joint venture investments which he will be quranteed to manage for the high official and his colleagues, since they are still in service .

He suggested the agreed bargain will be that 10% of the total fund will be given to whom will agree to cover his travelling cost, accommodation and some other expenses he might incure, 40% will be used to go into joint venture investment with him, which will be supervised by him personally, of which the yearly profit will be shared equally by all parties involved, while the remaining 50% of the total fund will be for the high official and three of his colleagues.

He assured this transaction to be kept confidential, because of their positions in Government and also their committee is fully in charge of all contracts verifications,allocation and approval.

*Did you ask yourself about what to do with it or did you think to act accordingly to get some millions of dollars?

I advice you to keep yourself clean as you`re and to submit such emails to the police.
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Khalid Osman is a political refugee.He was a teacher and a journalist with 30 years experience. He wrought in Sudan, Iraq, Kuwait and Eritrea. He was a freelancer contributed in many newspapers and magazines published in
London, Paris, Cyprus, Amman and Beirut. He was an activist organizer in regards to: the Environment,Press,Education,Unions, Human rights, Children and Women. He broadcasts sometimes from a local DK radio station.