Identified some three years ago by the New York Times as a sleeping beauty about to rouse herself, Bulgaria is now very much awake to her potential. With an economic climate attracting property investment from all corners of the world, a dynamic tourist industry set to soon rival that of Spain and a structural development programme on-track for full EU membership in 2007, the Bulgarian success story is evolving daily. Blend all of that with a rich and mysterious cultural heritage, a wealth and diversity of nature that simply takes the breath away and a rural tranquility hard to find anywhere else in Europe and you have a sense of what makes Bulgaria such an extremely attractive Balkan Beauty.

The past few months have seen a flood of media coverage with a focus upon the property bargains to be found in the towns and cities of Bulgaria, in rural and village homes, in the ski resorts and in beach-front apartments on the Black Sea. The collective message is that Bulgaria is the place to be and the place to buy ...

And it's all true. Bulgaria does offer genuine property opportunities. The tourist industry is bringing in some 4 million visitors a year. Property developers are following rapidly in their wake and real estate agents across Europe now boast Bulgaria as a key destination in their portfolios.

There are thousands of properties and houses for sale in Bulgaria today and, even if you think that you may have missed the property boat in other countries, you'll find that there are still plenty of tickets available. Holiday properties, investment opportunities and rural and village homes top the property buyers' list of priorities - but demand is high and prices are rising so if you are considering a property purchase in Bulgaria we recommend that you start your information gathering and decision making now.

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