Camilla's Engagement Ring Made the Best Seller Among the

Think of how many people this wedding made happy! Don't let yourselves mislead by the Britons' malice, but think instead of how rewarding was such an event for their taste for mockery! For example the T-shirt with Charles sitting atop a horse with the face of Camilla, was a huge success and was available in a shop right in the vicinity of the Windsor Castle.

Well, there were more than T-shirts to it: pens, towels, plates, spoons, bookmarks, mugs and all sorts of trifles -- some simply commemorative, some with a tinge of ill will. Very successful were the limited editions of memorabilia with the initial wedding date printed -- April 8.

Among the best sellers however were the cheap replicas of Camilla's diamond engagement ring, which were sold almost instantly.

The original ring is a heirloom -- it belonged to the late Queen Mother. The much-talked-about royal engagement ring is an Art Deco model, made of platinum and has an emerald-cut diamond in the center and three diamond baguettes on both sides. Although not a very popular cut, as it is not very complimentary of the stone and shows less brilliance and fire, the emerald cut has an aristocratic grace. The ring is a really fine piece of jewelry.

The copies of the ring that were put on sale four days ahead of the initial wedding date were of silver and cubic zirconia and cost ₤19 or $37. Some 2,500 items were offered by ASDA, a subsidiary of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. A more expensive version of the ring is planned to be produced, this time with real diamonds and made to order. It is estimated at about ₤30,000 or $56,000.