Creating Sacred Space in Your Home, Office or Garden

The environments we surround ourselves with contribute to our sense of well-being as well as to our creativity and productivity. There is a direct link between inner peace and the spaces in which we live and spend our time. It is possible to create harmony and abundance by enhancing home and workplace energies. The idea of sacred space is as old as humanity itself. The ancient oriental art of feng shui teaches that the buildings and space one occupies affects personal, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Sacred Space is a physical place where the Divine or the supernatural can be glimpsed or experienced, where we can get in touch with that which is larger than ourselves, where we can experience harmony and inner peace. It is also a place where, as Joseph Campbell put it, wonder can be revealed, and you can experience who you are and who you might be. By acknowledging that something larger than ourselves with greater purpose exists, we create an environment where a sense of the sacred can be realized in the details of our everyday lives and in ourselves. Let