The Matrix & Bush

The lives of many are just illusions with-in the Matrix.
The Matrix & Bush

Just imagine that your life & beliefs are merely fables! You get up in the morning & go to work thinking that you live in a free country - where the will of the people decides the Presidency, and the government protects you from foreign enemies by sending your brave men/women into battle to fight for your freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.

But one day you wake up to see planes crashing into buildings & you realize that you live in a federal prison (2 million Americans incarcerated - more than any other nation including China & Russia!) in which the government provokes foreign enemies to attack by invading the holy lands of Muslim nations (violating their religion which forbids nonbelievers on holy soil & calls for Jihad to remove them!). You realize that the government is sending brave young men/women into harms way for cheap middle-east oil & then rips the Constitution (your rights/freedoms) to pieces under the guise of protecting you with the Patriot Act!

It then turns out that establishing the Department of Homeland Security was necessary because the National Defense was misused as an Offence to police the world & enforce political agendas, leaving the homeland unguarded & vulnerable! You also find out that the federal government allowed the airlines to get away with spending only 1% on security although terrorist plots involving hijacking airplanes were known to be in the works.

And to top it all off you discover that the President was put into power by his father's appointees (ringers) on the Supreme Court who willfully & knowingly violated the Constitution (felons!) when they interfered in the election - although the Constitution states that settling vote disputes is the job of the Congress (all several hundred of them & not just a few justices loyal to their parties over the Constitution.) You realize that your news stations are owned by a few major corporations who are in bed with the Career Politicians (who they buy with lobbyists) and your life is just one big fable run by Corporate Dictators who feed you only what they want you to know.

The Constitution protects "Us" the People from "Them" the government so it behooves us to take the other pill & wake up before these greedy felons sell us out to the highest bidder or weapons of mass destruction being used on US soil!

Remember, "A Patriot is Loyal to the Constitution - not a Party or Career!"

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