Choosing the Appropriate Wedding Speech

Your wedding speech should match your speaking style and how you feel about the Bride/Groom.

Pick the Speech that Describes the Bride/Groom
There are so many wedding speech companies available, it is almost impossible to not find one that describes how you see him or her. Don't wait until the last minute, or you will have to pay big for a custom made wedding speech. Make sure to think it through. Write down the attributes you see in them and choose the speech that includes those attributes.

Consider Your Own Personality
If you are not a long winded person, try not to get a lengthy speech. This is self-explanatory though. A person that is short and to the point would sound monotone at the end of a long speech due to him/her getting "tired".

If you are light-hearted person, try to find a wedding speech that shows that quality as you will be more comfortable and deliver better. You would sound more authentic as a result.

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