Contributing To Biodiversity Conservation

The conservation of biological diversity, or biodiversity, is important in both economic and ethical terms. There is no shortage of examples of wild animals and plants being put to service for the benefit and economic development of mankind: new drugs, new fibers, new foods, and new genetic capabilities. Beyond this, however, is a non-material valuation of biodiversity, often less expounded, but in many ways more powerful. While in the economic sense, biodiversity represents unimaginable wealth, in the ethical sense it is simply priceless.

Disturbingly, biodiversity is fast declining with an extinction rate of over 150 species a day. (United Nations Environment Program, 1990). Ecosystems such as forests, wetlands and grasslands are being altered and destroyed, upsetting the delicate balance of nature.

Scrutinizing Mindoro
In the Philippines, one area where resources are fast becoming depleted is Mindoro. There is no doubt that Mindoro is one of the world