All Your Problems Are Lies

Lithuanian Tadas Talaikis' Coaching Specialty: Problem Crushing. He will show you how to knock-out your problems, win game of life, and skyrocket your powers, guaranteed, no matter who you are and what you're doing.
A little over a year ago I met Lithuanian Tadas Talaikis on-line. In the months since then, he has coached me through many long-standing problems, including childhood issues, antidepressant withdrawal, debt management, anxiety, etc. He has done what years of therapy, medication, even hospitalization were not able to do. My problems are solved, and I am happy!

I want to share some of his comments to me and invite you to visit his website, You can contact him through the website about your own problem situations, and you will be as amazed as I have been at his insight and advice. And I hope you will enjoy his "accent" and way of saying things as much as I do!

Ready to "crush your problems?" Listen!

Look into your life and write down all what you're doing, how you do something or live. Then look at how you can change that.

You have rules inside your mind that hold you back. Be honest with yourself and others. Destroy illusions. All your problems are lies. They are not real.

Ask: Why is so? Why I need this? What is truth? What is lie?

In order to get out of any problem, do not know that problem exists. Don't use the word problem. Don't use any feeling of problem. Think: All will be OK with this. That's it.

Make a strong and clear decision "I will not suffer this."

Reality simply IS no matter what you will think or react about it.

You have given responsibility for your life to your mind, to thoughts and fears and lies.

Solution is simple. Just ____________; it'll be solved.

Make charks of what you try to do or understand. Make list in simple file of what you need to do.

Do work at once and good.

Not emotions and prayers creates energy and results, but real BELIEF creates energy and results. Create your own reality.

Be happy as a child, without cause.

About the Author

Glenda Ball holds a "doctorate" from The University of Hard Knocks, with concentration in being a successful single mom.